We are happy to share our latest demo reel to let you in on a few of our favourite trips through 2016.

You might catch a glimpse of yourself or see some of the really cool locations we got to visit & there is pretty high chance you will see more than one shot of the Pacific Ocean.

With full hearts we would like to share a thank-you letter to our amazing clients, past, present & future – extending our deepest gratitude for your trust, commitment & friendship this past year. It has been our most mileage-inducing, ferry gallivanting & adventurous to date!

Evergreen & Bound Films with happily married Cameron & Bryson

Heading into 2017 here’s what’s in store for us:

More awesome couples; sharing new video styles including Insta teasers & Next-Day Edits along with more adventures filled with heart & gusto. An RV trek is also in the works!

Photo taken at Myra Falls, Strathcona Park, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

We have a blog. Yup, like big kids do. It’s getting the attention it deserves this year because you guys are awesome & we are committed to sharing our experience in as close to real time as we can. You can expect to see us more on Instagram, both in pics & videos, because obviously we think having something to look back on is the best way to be transported to that moment, as often as you feel like going back. 

Robyn & Ben with Evergreen & Bound Films

Without your support & patience, we simply would not be able to do what we do. It’s your trust that allows us to push our artistic limits & create films that transcend time. And not in a fluffy cheesy way. A film is meant to strap you into the rollercoaster of emotion you felt on your wedding day making it an experience unbound by time or place, but one that lives on as a tangible memory full of goodness & glory. Pretty cool hey? 

Evergreen & Bound Films with Bride & Groom

It is so humbling for us to read the emails & reviews couples have left us, in the wake of receiving their films. Thank-you for taking the time to share how our films moved you. Without the inspiration and support of our couples and their families, we wouldn’t be able to share such spectacular films.

We are grateful for the year we’ve had and what’s to come. Each year brings along new discoveries, growth & more opportunities for ‘burrito dancing’, which is exactly what it sounds like.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank-you for watching our films, sharing your stories and being in love! 

Wishing you happiness & joy in 2017 & beyond.

Bre & Grady of Evergreen & Bound Films

See you in the trees,
Bre & Grady

The team at Evergreen & Bound Films