What our films are made of

How you experience your wedding day is our top priority. And, as video ninjas, we’re going to be where you need us to be.

We want you to savour the natural flow of your day, your guests and most importantly, each other. By staying in the moment, we create the foundation for creating a film that is both beautiful & true to your experience. 

It’s important you feel grounded & at ease with our cameras. From capturing a cheeky exchange to encouraging a few minutes of solo time at golden hour to being the comedic relief when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed;  we’re the crew who will give you the presence you need (and the space when you don’t!). 

If you’re looking for reasons to include us as your wedding filmmakers, you’ll find plenty of helpful insight here and over on Junebug Weddings. 

You deserve a film that will move you, bring (happy) tears to your eyes and act as a memory capsule for one of the most exciting experiences of your life

All Film Collections include:

– 2 filmmakers

– 2+ cameras

– live audio recording 

– editing and colour correction

– digital delivery

– a handcrafted 3-5 minute creative highlight video

2020 Wedding Film Collections starting at $3500. 

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To receive our detailed pricing guide + find out if we’re available for your celebration, email us using the form or hello[at]evergreenboundfilms.com 

We have a few remaining dates available in Fall 2019 and it‘s a dream of ours to film a wedding on New Year’s Eve!

As wedding videographers, we’ve worked with some of the brightest and most talented folks in the wedding industry. We’re always happy to offer recommendations to connect you with planners, venues, photographers and musicians to align with your style.

   Frequently Asked Questions

What's happening? I don't even know these people & I'm crying at work!

Left with goosebumps after sneaking a peek at our videos on incognito mode? Sounds like we might be onto something. Our films are fun, emotional & built with intention. If this sounds like something you’d be into, connect with us here.

Do we really need both - video and photo?

Our films are designed to compliment your photos, your memories and your experience overall. The power of motion and sound, hearing what comes from the heart of your favourite people, it can be hard to put into words but you’ll know it when you feel it.

With the energy, focus & enthusiasm we pour into each and every film we create you’re bound to fall in love with the film we make for you.

I've booked a photographer who I'm really excited about, how will you work with them?

We take a collaborative approach with each vendor on your wedding day to maximize an already awesome experience. We’ll reach out to your chosen photographer in the weeks leading up to your wedding to learn about their approach and chat about how we can work as a team. Our favourite photographers are friendly, considerate and keen on you having the best experience possible. Great minds think alike.

We're fans of your highlight videos. Do you also offer longer edits?

Filled up with energy & good feels, our creative 3-5 minute films videos are created with heart and story front of mind. As awesome as creative highlight films are, we totally understand that sometimes you just need to see more.

We offer a linear edit of your ceremony, toasts & first dances (between cameras) that can be added to any highlight film collection. You can also add on a few hours of filming to capture your rehearsal dinner or embark on a fun post-wedding creative session we’d weave into your film.

How many filmmakers will be at my wedding?

We work as a smiley, stretchy-pant wearing camera crew of two. For ceremonies, we each man a camera and have a 3rd static wide angle camera to film the full scene. Our cameras fit in one hand & our lenses give us some pretty incredible flexibility, which means we will be following the natural flow of the day capturing what we need to make your film true to you.

How far in advance do you accept bookings?

We welcome wedding bookings up to 12 months in advance with many couples booking us 6-9 months ahead of their wedding date. Don’t worry if you’re thinking of having video last minute – send us a message (with fingers crossed) to see if we’re available!

Where are you based out of?

We call Victoria, BC home & will film anywhere we can trek to. Ask us about the one time we drove all the way to Port Hardy from Victoria on one tank of gas (spoiler – we made it!!)

We’re heading up and down island throughout July & August 2019 and if we’re already in your neck of the woods, we’d be happy to waive any travel fees! Say hello if you’re thinking we might be fun to have tag along for your wedding.

How long does it take until I receive my film?

Our highlight films are typically delivered 12 weeks post wedding. We film a lot of destination weddings where people have gathered from overseas to be in one place and some of our couples do this cool thing where they a small-scale wedding or elopement followed by a reception in a different location.

While great things take time we know that you’re amped to see what we’ve captured, so we usually have a teaser film ready to share within a couple weeks of your wedding. 

We'd love to book you for our wedding - how can we make it official?

Yay – fun times ahead! We’ll start with a phone call to get a sense for what you’d like us to focus on throughout your day. You’ll get a feel for how we work and we’ll learn what you’re most excited for. Afterwards, we’ll send along our Pricing Guide and once you’ve decided on the film collection that matches your plans, we’ll send over our contract. With a digitally-signed Service Agreement & 50% deposit, we’re officially booked for your date!

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