Wow, you two, we are speechless! The video is absolutely magical beyond our wildest dreams, we are so in love with it!

We watched it, crying and smiling, then just gawked at each other for a moment and then played it again (then again and again).

It feels surreal to watch it and feel how happy we were that day all over again - we are so happy that we have this to treasure and reflect back on forever. 

You are both so talented, you  completely understood us and everything we could have ever hoped for in a memory, AND you are the sweetest duo! We’re so lucky that we not only have the best wedding video of all time but also totally kickass new friends 🙂

Thank you SO much - we are thrilled and so excited to spend all weekend watching it on repeat 🙂  - your biggest fans,

Carly & J.P.

London, England

Thank YOU for exploring our films – we’re excited to hear how you plan on celebrating your wedding!

– Breanna & Grady

A big thanks to @brittograph for the delightful photos of us in our Canadian tuxedos in Victoria, B.C.

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