We started making wedding videos for friends

Happy to capture couples on one of the most important days in their lives, we started sharing  the films we created. As we did, more couples began asking us to film their wedding.

Somewhere along the way, we thought we must be onto something if people keep asking us to join in on the fun! 

Grady in his element, atop a snow-capped mountain near Skoki Lodge, Alberta

Photo props to Darren Roberts aka Wedding + Elopement photographer extraordinaire/mountain goat.

So began our journey of filming weddings & making new friends along the way. When our couples share that their wedding video is more than they could have imagined, it fills our hearts ALL the way up.

We’re committed to sharing honest stories of love and adventure. We build each film with individuality and emotion front of mind, designing beautiful, authentic films for awesome people in love

Thinking of having your wedding filmed? These may help: 

1. Do I like the thought of traveling back in time?

2. Do I enjoy making new friends?

3. Can I handle having two more smiley people in my life?

4. Will I be okay with just having photos of my wedding?

5. Will I want to hear what people said on my wedding day?

Answered yes to 4 out of 5 questions above?

Sounds like we’re on the right track.

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Credit to @brittograph for this love snap of us 

10 reasons why we’re a fun crew to have on board:

  1. We’re nimble with cameras, know what we’re doing and like to have fun!
  2. We make homemade bread and it’s delicious. We might share.
  3. We love to laugh and keep it light. 60% of the time, Grady delivers corny jokes on the spot.
  4. Our cameras fit in one hand & are equipped with special lenses to make you look fantastic.
  5. We make time to get to know you & your families because we want your favourite people to feel at ease and actually enjoy having us around!
  6. A few of our top moments to film are the first time you see each other + your faces when people are saying nice things to you/about you. 
  7. We’re big fans of elopements + intimate weddings, too. Yes, we’d be honoured to be your witness!
  8. We love the work we do & it shows. Our smiles per minute ratio is ridiculously high.
  9. Weddings are an awesome way to make friends with you, your photographer & your guests. You better believe we can shake it on the dance floor!
  10. To prove we like cameras and in case you’d like to know what we look like, check out our Engagement video here. Shot on Super 8 and iPhone, this gem is a glimpse into how we spend our time together – biking, laughing & eating good food, sometimes all at once! We like to live on the edge.

Fun Facts About Breanna 

She filmed talk shows (Sally Jesse Raphael, anyone?) with her friends in 3rd grade using VHS camcorders

She ran 2 half-marathons in 2017 – both of which were driven by wine, and donuts, respectively.

She gets teary-eyed when she gets ‘the feels’ & credits Grey’s Anatomy for inspiring stellar music choices in her edits

She will sing made up jingles while making americanos in the morning

She likes to listen to hip hop & vacuum, preferably simultaneously

She has participated in a hula-hooping competition. Twice. 

She met Grady when he was a DJ and she was a first year media student 

She will sneak root veggies into homemade desserts 

She wants to eat chocolate in Belgium, gallivant through London & sleep under the stars in a field in Norway among sheep

She went backpacking for the first time up to Garibaldi Lakes in Squamish (where Grady proposed)

She has a goal to foster 50 dogs before she adopts her first one. So far, we’ve had 21 dogs call our home, home. 

Fun Facts About Grady  

He is always smiling & likes to crack corny jokes – mostly to try and impress Bre

He is a humble magician with a camera

He used to DJ at nightclub in Victoria so he’s equipped with mom ears

He went to film school in Victoria and grew up in Campbell River

He has 3 nifty younger brothers and just became an uncle for the first time!

He chose Garibaldi Lakes to propose to Breanna because it was a big achievement

He wants to travel to the East Coast of Canada, London (check!) Iceland, France & Peru.

He wears the same pants at weddings & always looks stylish – we have polaroids to prove it

He has a heart of gold & a way with people to help them feel at ease

Him on the a dance floor is like Riverdance meets Richard Simmons

He has ripped more pairs of pants by dancing than any other activity

He cleans up real nice but prefers to be ready for a dog hike at all times