Hello friends. We are pretty stoked to share this. What do you say when Barb from French Kiss Events calls and asks if you want to be a part of a proposal?

Heck yes!

This was something we have been dying to do ever since we started filming weddings three years ago. There is so much excitement when someone decides they are going to ask the person they love to spend their life with them, no matter where they choose to do it.

Victoria Proposal

Naturally, a proposal is designed to be a surprise. For Ricky, his proposal to Hannah meant pulling out all the stops to be sure this night will be one Hannah will never forget.

We thought Moss Rock Park would be ideal for it’s luscious sunsets and ocean views, failing to factor in the potential for wind. In the days leading up to the shoot, we were all anxiously checking the forecast, a little worried about the rain projected for the Sunday evening Ricky had planned to ask Hannah. Without a backup plan, we were going for it, rain or shine!

The behind-the-scenes from this shoot would be hilarious because we were all camped out behind bushes, rocks or just laying down in the grass like a safari predator to remain unseen by the couple. Our best attempts at filming incognito are proven with the remaining grass stains on our pants.

Hannah_Ricky_Proposal_Blog-6Romantic, oceanside, proposal
It was nearing 7:30 and we were all perched at our hideouts, anxiously waiting for the couple to show up at the top of the path. Barb had ‘their song’ all set to play and we were ready. Finally as the sun’s starting to set, we see them. Ricky and Hannah holding hands and taking in the view. The whole scene was picturesque, with the handcrafted sign, the picnic blanket and photos of the pair together.

Hannah, appeared to not have any idea what was happening until Ricky guided her in front of the candles and was kneeling in front of her. He says pretty much the kindest things you could say to the person you love, and asks her if she will marry him. With these wide eyes, Hannah hardly skips a beat in saying ‘Yes!’ to Ricky.

The two popped a bottle of champagne and enjoyed some timbits, Hannah’s favourite along with the view. At one point Hannah says to Ricky ‘but there are cameras’ and he replies with ‘I know’ as they both giggle. We were all so impressed with how well this went off.

Hannah_Ricky_Proposal_Blog-12Hannah_Ricky_Proposal_Blog-9Proposal, Romantic, Moss Rock Park, Sunset

Barb Walker of French Kiss Events organized the entire evening, complete with champagne, music and a candlelit pathway leading up to the proposal spot and Cassidy from Nunn Other Photography stealthily snapped photos capturing the giddy couple.It was an evening of joy and surprise for Ricky’s leading lady and we’re so happy to have been a part in their adorable engagement. We hope Hannah and Ricky enjoy re-living this moment for a long time to come.